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Companies That Hire Felons 2022 – Opportunities To Be Hired For Life

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Companies That Hire Felons 2022 – Opportunities To Be Hired For Life

October 22
03:23 2021
Ex-Felons finds it a hassle to get a reasonable job based on their criminal record. Howsoever times are changing, and many big companies provide Felons with a clean track record to yield them a fresh start.

About 70 million adults, Americans, have a history of a criminal record. That record makes up one-third of the adult population in America. It can be challenging to get themselves adjusted in the system with a bad track record. Companies are not willing to hire such people, and the only available jobs are low-paying.

However, recently, there has been a change in this regard. State governments are starting to enact reforms that specifically benefit ex-felons to get back on track. California, for example, passed a licensing reform in mid-2020. This licensing reform makes it easier for residents with criminal records to apply for and obtain professional licenses. In addition, 37 different licensing agencies are related to the Department of Consumer Affairs working in this regard. 

The behaviour of companies has also been changing. As a result, there are now opportunities for ex-felons to work with reputable companies, provided that candidates have a proven work ethic. To get a good work ethic track record, they will need to start with smaller jobs to show that they are willing to be productive. 

Many companies hire felons on the go. People need to thrive hard to avail that job. The best place to start is to work jobs that are in the service sector or construction sector. Service sector jobs are the easiest way to get back into the job market. These jobs are not high paying, but they are an excellent opportunity to prove that you are willing to improve your environment.

Ex-Felons can be a waiter, a cashier, or a cook at restaurants such as McDonald’s. Food production jobs are also an easy way to get a job as an ex-felon. These jobs are minimum wage and hard but easy to obtain. So if someone wants to get a job in the shortest time possible, these are their best bet.

Construction sector jobs are a little harder to get but are much better than service sector jobs, and it pays well. It is suggested that to not be afraid to let them know about one’s history, as this honesty will be a great first sign.

If someone possesses a background in sectors like plumbing, electrical, or house-related work. Then trade jobs are also an excellent opportunity for them. These jobs are also high-paying, and there is always a demand for skilled workers. 

With a track record, anyone can start applying for more flexible jobs, like office work. Based on the recent study, it was found that 80% of managers and 75% of HR professionals feel that ex-felons are just as valuable to an organization as people with clean records.

This study was conducted by Society for Human Resource Management and the Charles Koch Institute. They found that 66% of HR professionals had already hired ex-felons with a consistent work history. These companies include American Airlines, Facebook, Google, Intel and Kellogg’s.

In addition, interested people can visit websites like to get a list of dozens of well-known companies that are willing to provide work opportunities for ex-felons.

Everyone knows that jobs for felons are not easy to obtain; there are limited opportunities in big companies. However, they can start working in the service sector or the construction sector to get a good work record.

The environment for jobs opportunities for felons is changing, and states have been enacting reforms that make it much easier for ex-felons to get licenses. Implying ex-felons, they still have the opportunity to turn their life around. All they need to do is to get started somewhere.

There is a world of opportunity waiting for them.

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