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Launched: Platform to Support Immune Checkpoint Research and Drug Development

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Launched: Platform to Support Immune Checkpoint Research and Drug Development

December 21
17:04 2021
Creative Biolabs, recognized as a leading biotech CRO, provides first-rate services to support new drug discovery and preclinical studies, especially for immune checkpoint inhibitors that are taken as a revolutionary immunotherapy approach.

New York, USA – December 21, 2021 – In the past decade, immunotherapies, especially immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) against CTLA-4 and PD-1, have made huge achievements in the treatment of multiple cancers. The mechanism of action of ICI is to disrupt corresponding immune checkpoint signaling pathways so as to facilitate the immune-mediated clearance of tumor cells. Creative Biolabs, holding specialties and extensive practical experience in antibody discovery, has launched a platform to support ICI study with the objective to improve the success rate of immunotherapy, offering professional services such as immune checkpoint assays.

Areas of specialty

* Immune checkpoint protein/antibody/targeted peptide/targeted small molecular drug
* Biomarker development
* Immune checkpoint assays
* Preclinical research support

Typical pathway of the research hotspot-PD-1 antibody development

* Generating PD-1 antibody initiates with PD-1 cell line development through which the PD-1 (protein of research interest) can be prepared as an immune antigen. The outstanding immune checkpoint protein expression platform enables Creative Biolabs to develop stable cell lines that express PD-1 proteins with high yield and purity and from different cell origins (if necessary), which can also be used for high-throughput assays and drug screening.

“With the target antigen readily prepared, the antibody development process formally begins,” according to a technician. “We will use appropriate preparation methods according to the type of antibody required,” he added.

* Conventional methods applied for polyclonal antibody generation: mammals, laying hen, camelids, etc.

“We’re skillful at developing monoclonal antibodies using hybridoma, phage display, transgenic animals, and even the high-throughput B cell sorting.”

* It is of great significance to characterize an immune checkpoint antibody in terms of binding activity, by affinity measurement, and through de novo antibody sequencing, to have an overall assessment of the generated antibody on its diagnostic or therapeutic potentials.

* Creative Biolabs can modify immune checkpoint antibodies through conjugation, humanization, and Fc domain optimization approaches, to meet the specific research targets from clients.

* The manufacture of immune checkpoint antibodies is the ultimate stage, during which process diverse production systems can be applied for flexible production scales, e.g., bacteria production system, mammalian cell, and cell-free system.

Explore more Creative Biolabs’ capabilities in immune checkpoint antibody at

Company Profile

Creative Biolabs is a dedicated CRO with elite scientists and sound practical experience in immune checkpoint antibody discovery and development, which, after years of exploration and expansion, has grown into an international-based enterprise with offices in the USA and Europe. The continuous growth of the client base and a good reputation in the industry have proved the real strength of Creative Biolabs.

Media Contact
Company Name: Creative Biolabs
Contact Person: Candy Swift
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1-631-830-6441
Country: United States

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