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Eangelmarkets builds the future of the digital economy

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Eangelmarkets builds the future of the digital economy

December 22
16:21 2021

“Open source ecology” is an important technological path in the current global emerging technology field. Blockchain is a trust-creating machine. There will be no blockchain without open source,, let alone core innovation capabilities.The core of the blockchain includes distributed databases, encryption algorithms, etc., which is essentially a technical integration, a refinement and improvement of a business model. In an open source environment, blockchain technology can develop and grow.

The changing social and economic landscape of today’s world makes us live in an environment of weak trust and uncertainty, accelerating the tide of counter-globalization. However, the existence of blockchain helps us achieve certainty under the premise of de-trusting. The blockchain is essentially a distributed network based on mathematics and cryptography.Complying with the “code is the law” principle, blockchain technology can avoid disputes and differences in human society, allowing everyone to stay in the same language system and reach consensus with trustless algorithms.

As a blockchain star project, Eangelmarkets adheres to the concept of “open source ecology” and “decentralization” of blockchain, and abides by the principle of “code is law”. To create a more secure, faster and more efficient decentralized derivatives trading platform.

Eangelmarkets is a new seamless cross-chain, all-industry decentralized derivatives exchange with a friendly automatic market maker mechanism (FAMM), order book and decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol, which enables secure, fast and low cost exchange of full cryptocurrencies/tokens, cross-chain transfers and liquidity mining. Through innovative decentralized derivatives algorithms, Eangelmarkets integrates the trading advantages of CEX and DEX to help users use different derivatives transactions service with faster transaction speed, better security, better liquidity and capital efficiency.

Eangelmarkets innovates and launches the industry’s first “composite contract”, combining on-chain technology and off-chain products to bring users a secure, smooth and fast contract trading experience. The profit of the contract platform really enters the smart contract pool, which is open and transparent to empower the platform coin

Eangelmarkets has many advantages such as capital security, smooth experience, rich variety, value support, etc. Eangelmarkets users’ funds and trading orders are interacted by means of smart contracts, the accounts are open and transparent; Eangelmarkets assets are stored on the chain to ensure decentralization and security; Eangelmarkets aggregates Top trading platform MT5 technology, smooth trading engine, various professional indicators trend at a glance; Eangelmarkets has rich contract types, many trading varieties, trading speed comparable to centralized engine trading; Eangelmarkets not only supports cryptocurrency spot and futures trading, but also supports traditional financial derivatives futures trading.

Along with the open source ecological construction of the blockchain, Eaglemarkets will become a new force in the digital economy and financial revolution. As a rapidly developing new thing in the blockchain economic system, it is the fastest growing financial wealth tool in today’s international capital market. In a lifetime, missing a profit is nothing, but missing a historical opportunity will be an irreversible great regret.

The future is already here. Eaglemarkets comes with millions of traffic, leading the transformation of production relations in the digital age, allowing everyone to share the wealth and dividends of the digital age, feel the charm of the blockchain economy, and jointly create a beautiful and exciting era. Blockchain reconstructs the trust system, and Eaglemarkets will reconstruct the financial system. The future will prove that the impact of Eaglemarkets on people’s lives has just begun.

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