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Nano Dogecoin Is Proving To Be An Innovative Powerhouse

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Nano Dogecoin Is Proving To Be An Innovative Powerhouse

November 19
11:40 2021
Nano Dogecoin Is Proving To Be An Innovative Powerhouse
Community-oriented nano Dogecoin is gaining huge popularity due to its core values that are centered around charity and animal welfare.

Nano Dogecoin is community-oriented, with charity and animal welfare at its core values. Now commonly referred to as its ticker symbol INDC, it has generated interest from investors worldwide because of its various use cases for passive income and rewards through redistribution tokenomics. 

INDC initially launched with a certik and brewlabs audit, along with being listed on Coin Gecko, Coin Marketcap, Bitmart, as well as 100X Altbase within the first month of launch. The community is made up of over 30,000 members who are all earning BEP pegged USDT Tether on a daily basis for simply holding INDC. The redistribution structure for INDC is 7% of every buy and 13% of every sell gets automatically redistributed into USDT Tether rewards to its holders.


Profit$ is a trading strategy created by INDC’s very own A7 team, that allows investors access to a fair launch on a new token every two weeks. Each new token has a lifespan of only one week. Investors participate in a fair launch with this already established project to ensure a safe space for investors to trade and make profits, by dollar-cost averaging throughout the week that the token is live. The tokenomics for profits 10% for buys and sells. The whole aim for the Profit$ strategy provided by INDC’s A7 team is to ensure a safe place for investors worldwide to trade and avoid scams and rug pulls commonly found elsewhere. 


Through INDC’s smart contract dashboard, (available on INDC’s website) holders are able to stake their tokens and receive interest through a flexible staking pool that currently distributes rewards of INDC, BTC, ETH, ADA, SHIB, and more to come. INDC holder’s also receive compounded interest combined with the USDT rewards they receive daily, helping build serious passive income for holders. The dual-staking feature allows holders to compound their rewards and USDT with zero fees. The INDC dashboard allows holders to view in real-time their USDT earnings from the rewards function and the estimated future earnings depending on it’s current daily trading volume.


INDC’s ReferX is a referral system to earn even more passive income. IDNC holders have access to create a personalized referral link through the dashboard. Through ReferX,  user’s earn 5% USDT rewards on every transaction made via their unique Referral link, which can be shared to family, friends, and even on social media platforms. Every INDC buy transaction made through the referral link is automatically discounted 2%. 


INDC aims to continue to innovate and reward holders with a user-friendly experience where investors can truly experience the rewards of trading on a decentralized platform. INDC has announced an upcoming release of the NANOX Wallet, which is currently underway and will give it’s holders an even further seamless experience all within one app. INDC claims it will change the BSC space by giving investors worldwide a more positive and safer space to share the common goal of financial freedom. In essence, a one-stop-shop and an innovative powerhouse to unite investors worldwide. One can check out their dashboard at:

And for the updates follow them on:,, and

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Company Name: Nano Dogecoin
Contact Person: Wilburt Slaylor, CEO
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State: New York
Country: United States

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