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The CAICT “Xinghuo BIF” issued a declaration

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The CAICT “Xinghuo BIF” issued a declaration

December 17
17:00 2021

Recently, CAICT took the lead in issuing the “Xinghuo BIF” development declaration to build a national exchange platform for the integration of production and education around the world.

The full text of the declaration reads as follows:

Today, the data, codes and their defined algorithms and calculations in the digital world affect almost every aspect of human society. The developing digital world makes our production more efficient, intelligent and safe, makes people’s lives more comfortable, healthy and free, and makes society more open, fair and just. Through the interactive evolution of digital world, physical world and human intelligence, people can better understand the origin of human beings and the universe, and build a better earth civilization.

We believe that blockchain is a new paradigm for building a digital native world, not just a technical realization. Whether it is data generation, storage or calculation, or any two ends that need to be connected, the blockchain can continuously expand the rule set through consensus management technology, and continuously create new consensus through new intelligent contract calculation, and finally establish a new world of Internet of Everything.

“Xinghuo BIF” is the first action to practice General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. 5G. Industrial Internet is promoting the formation of fully connected scenarios, from factories, parks to cities, from industrial sites, to supply, production and circulation, to industrial chain optimization driven by new business models, or a more digital and intelligent monetary system. In different ranges, it is necessary to establish more efficient, low-friction and reliable data intercommunication capabilities to help us optimize production relations and ultimately create new productivity.

This is the original intention of “Xinghuo BIF”: to build a digital mirror zero-trust world. Digital Zero Trust World-Based on “talking data”, every “transaction” becomes more open and fair based on traceable consensus, which makes human wisdom more focused on innovation and development.

On the occasion of 1024, we call on global developers to make joint efforts in the following aspects:

1) jointly promote the opening and open source of “Xinghuo BIF”. “Xinghuo BIF” is accelerating the construction, operation and scene application based on the “political consultation” mode of “license”. Sharing, openness and open source will be realized from many aspects such as codes, protocols, application cases, etc., so as to promote the application scale expansion of blockchain and its effect.

2) jointly build “Xinghuo BIF” developer community. Actively contribute codes and projects, actively participate in community promotion, improve the influence of developer community, expand the application value of open source projects, and promote blockchain technology innovation.

3) Practice the talent development concept of “coding is training” together. As the key to the integration of production and education of “Xinghuo BIF”, we will jointly improve our skills through pure program development, design applications and technical solutions around “Xinghuo BIF” technical architecture and application requirements, and promote industrial development.

4) jointly promote international project cooperation. Respect the policies and paths of different countries in developing blockchains, jointly explore ways to promote the development of international projects of blockchains, improve the trust and interoperability of cross-border data, and attach importance to privacy and intellectual property protection.

5) Jointly build the governance rules of “Xinghuo BIF”. As the key to the ecological prosperity of Spark, jointly study the governance rules of “Xinghuo BIF”. Promote the steady progress of the governance system from the aspects of code, data, access, interoperability, security, business model, supervision, security and privacy protection, etc.

6) Share the development dividend of “Xinghuo BIF”. Joint research on development path and business model innovation to achieve sustainable development. Based on the concept of openness, win-win cooperation, we will share the economic and social value brought by Xinghuo BIF infrastructure with developers. Grasp the new opportunities of industrial development and promote the vigorous development of the industry!

Pay attention to “Xinghuo BIF” WeChat official accounts and the continuous development and open source plan of “Xinghuo BIF”.

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