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Antibody Profiling Strategies at Creative Biolabs to Speed Up the NAA Discovery Pipeline

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Antibody Profiling Strategies at Creative Biolabs to Speed Up the NAA Discovery Pipeline

December 17
23:20 2021
With the accumulation of expertise in comprehensive antibody development services, Creative Biolabs now provides natural autoantibody profiling services to clients all over the world, mainly comprised of autoantigen microarray and autoantibody microarray.

New York, USA – December 17, 2021 – Scientists are increasingly emphasizing the significance of autoantibodies in the human body’s immune system and in organs. In particular, natural autoantibodies (NAA) are found to participate in a variety of physiological activities, from immune regulation, homeostasis, and repertoire selection, to resistance to infections, transport, and functional modulation of biologically active molecules, and thus show great potential in immunology research.

Creative Biolabs has updated its NAA profiling services to include autoantigen microarray and autoantibody microarray, which can be used for applications such as examining epitope spreading and antibody isotype usage, discovering and characterization of candidate autoantigens, and developing antigen-specific therapy.

Autoantigen microarray is a high-throughput strategy for autoantibody profiling that may be used to identify biomarkers as well as forecast and diagnose illnesses. Creative Biolabs produces autoantigen microarrays with high load and high accuracy in a fast and cost-effective manner, which can be an attractive assistant with the capacity of bearing multiple autoantigens on the same slide and the minute volume of sera needed. Standardization and automation technologies can help quickly identify autoantibody profiling and epitope mapping.

For autoantibody microarray, phospholipid proteins, cell nuclear components, glomeruli, cell matrix proteins, cytoplasmic proteins, mucosal or secreted proteins, and other tissue-specific proteins can all be accurately detected at Creative Biolabs. It can facilitate the process of testing IgG, IgM, IgA, and IgE autoantibodies in serum or other bodily fluids for autoantigen specificities linked to a variety of disease presentations.

Features of Creative Biolabs’ NAA Profiling:

• High rate of accuracy

• High throughput and high load

• High efficiency and reproducibility

• Small sample volume

“Natural autoantibodies have bright prospects in vaccine development, disease treatment development, and clinical diagnosis for a wide range of diseases. We have cutting-edge hybridoma development and phage display platforms, making it possible for us to provide an extensive service portfolio including profiling for natural antibodies,” introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs’ NAA development expert team.

Looking for information about the NAA application, NAA-related diseases and biomarkers, as well as the all-inclusive services and products? Check Creative Biolabs’ official website:

About Creative Biolabs

With an unrelenting drive in bio-science research and industry, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed a new range of natural autoantibody (NAA) platforms to provide fast and convenient NAA services, covering NAA detection, NAA profiling, NAA affinity measurement, and NAA epitope/paratope mapping. A portfolio of premade or custom NAA products is also available.

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