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It’s official: Jumbo Shrimp confirms Triple-A move

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It’s official: Jumbo Shrimp confirms Triple-A move

May 18
19:22 2022

Jumbo shrimp, the farm team of Jacksonville, Florida, a minor league baseball team of the international league, has finally made its official acceptance to enter into the Triple-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins.

This has unlocked a new level and new opportunity for the team to grow in the game by playing as a Triple A team. Every fan of the team are excited by this declaration and the owner CEO Ken Babby has expressed his excitement about the situation..

Jumbo Shrimp jumps to Triple-A

The Jumbo Shrimps played as a Jacksonville Double-A baseball franchise for 50 seasons. It is a popular minor league team among the fans of baseball. After the completion of the 10-year deal made under the Major League Baseball, the home team Miami Marins declared the most awaited news to the true fans of baseball. It announced The Jumbo Shrimps as an official part of Major League Baseball as a Triple-A team.

Jacksonville once had a Triple-A team named the Suns, from 1962-to 1968. Later the New York Mets moved the franchise to Norfolk, leaving Jacksonville with no minor-league baseball team. In 1969 the suns returned as a double-A team, and that later resulted in the creation of The Jumbo Shrimps.

Triple-A or Class AAA is the highest level to play as a minor league team in the field of baseball. There are some major league teams that affiliate with several minor league teams that will perform as the decisions made by the parent team. 

By getting promoted to Triple-A, The Jumbo Shrimps will now get a vast opportunity to show their performance at a greater level. They will now get the opportunity to fly to other cities to compete with other major teams instead of competing inside their territory with other teams as a Double-A.

This is a proud moment for the team, its players, its coach, its owner Ken Babby and all the fans out there, supporting the team to succeed and make its path wider as a Triple-A team.

The team has also made the city proud as the only Triple-A team in Northern Florida.

After the 2020 season, Major League Baseball has mutually contracted on some agreements with minor league teams like Jumbo Shrimp which are owned privately. Still, it works according to the notifications of the parent Major League Baseball team.

The team will no longer be known as a Double-A team in the Southern League instead of it, and everyone will know the team as part of the International League in December. It will serve Miami Marlins as a Triple-A partner through 2030. The National League East club will keep the connection with the team 


This declaration of being a Triple-A affiliated team of the Miami Marlins will open the door to enormous opportunities for the team regarding baseball. These opportunities include playing as a Triple-A team and with other teams from different cities.

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