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The Rothschild family, the world’s finance helmsmen enters the Asia-Pacific market with War Prophecy

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The Rothschild family, the world’s finance helmsmen enters the Asia-Pacific market with War Prophecy

March 18
06:18 2021

The Rothschild Family is one of the world’s leading wealthy families. Their origins can be traced to the middle of the 17th century where the Rothschild family survived through the wars in Europe, World War I and World War II. With its keen business sense, they turn crisis after crisis into opportunities during the wars and pushed the family to the top of the world’s wealth pyramid. The Rothschild family now has $50 trillion in assets and has created Mercedes-Benz, the Rothschild Bank, and the world-famous Chateau Lafite; today, they control the world’s major gold markets. It can be said that the Rothschilds are the financial helmsmen of the economic world. Wherever there are business opportunities, there is a Rothschild family.

The emergence of Bitcoin in 2009 has made blockchain technology available to the masses. As the only international asset that is decentralized and is not controlled by any institutions, digital currency has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. Following the successful operation of a Digital Currency Fund in Europe, the Rothschild family established the Rothschild Family Asia Pacific Foundation. The Foundation focuses on the research and application of blockchain, digital currency trading platforms and digital currency investment and promotes the digitization of large-scale events and platforms such as horse racing and competitive sports. Based on their in-depth knowledge of digital currency and experience in world wars, the Rothschild Family Asia Pacific Foundation has developed the World’s first investment exchange platform combined with blockchain technology: War Prophecy.

War Prophecy (WP) is built on the unpredictable opportunities of the world economy and the foundation hopes to create wealth in the crisis. WP as a new and revolutionary financial product will be the first to become available to users in the Asia-Pacific region. War Prophecy is a exciting financial product which users can participate to invest in p war outcomes between major powers. By participating in the financial product, investors can further safeguard their assets from devaluation and even realize asset appreciation.

The Foundation will adhere to the tenet of “We are in the same boat through storm and protect all our members until the world is at peace again”. The purpose is to make War Prophecy into a safe, stable, and active community that is not controlled by any government in the world and create a safe haven for users to protect their assets even in the midst of chaos. We strive to help our members effectively decrease the risk of asset destruction to ensure safety and even create asset appreciation opportunities.

The current political chaos and the unpredictable outbreak of the financial crisis will be a devastating blow to traditional financial institutions. Assets deposited in traditional financial institutions are exposed to additional financial risks and when the bubble burst, people will become bankrupt overnight. The Foundation is entering the Asia Pacific market with its War Prophecy platform in order to provide investors with an alternate medium to protect their wealth in times of crisis but also creare the potential to turn crisis to opportunities in asset worth through War Prophecy. The Foundation created War Prophecy to create a safe haven for the assets of all ordinary people in war and peace regardless of the situation. Likewise, the preparation to protect our assets and resources must start wherein peace so we can be indestructible wherein war.

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