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Creative Biolabs Provides Custom Synthesis Solution in Support of Pharmaceutical Advancement

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Creative Biolabs Provides Custom Synthesis Solution in Support of Pharmaceutical Advancement

March 24
01:15 2021
Building upon extensive experience in recombination therapeutic protein production, Creative Biolabs produces a series of syntheses of glycoprotein, glycans, and glycopeptide with stable functions by using chemical and enzymatic techniques.

New York, USA – March 23, 2021 – Glycoproteins are ubiquitous on the cell surface and secreted proteins that have covalently linked oligosaccharides. They have multidimensional properties, such as biodegradability, biocompatibility, non-toxicity, antimicrobial and adsorption. Recent advances have demonstrated that glycoproteins constitute a class of compounds of increasing importance for pharmaceutical applications. Given its potential therapeutic benefits, Creative Biolabs has developed a dedicated center to offer a full range of high-quality custom synthesis services.

Glycosylation is thought to be the most complex post-translational modification because of the large number of enzymatic steps involved. Glycosylation affects the efficacy, half-life, stability, and safety of therapeutic proteins. To better study the relationship between the structure and function of glycoproteins, homogeneous glycoproteins with well-defined oligosaccharide side chains should be synthesized. Creative Biolabs has successfully established promising platforms that can meet the stringent requirements of customers for high-quality and low-cost custom synthesis services.

The need for homogenous glycoproteins with defined chemical structures to study diverse biological phenomena further enhances the development of methodologies.

By taking advantage of the unmatchable flexibility and precision provided by chemical synthesis, the quantitative effects of glycosylation are obtained using chemical glycobiology approach. Creative Biolabs, with its expertise in the fields of synthetic and medicinal chemistry, is committed to the process of glycoprotein synthesis discovery, driven by the goal of finding compounds that can be developed into human clinical trials.

An alternative method of glycoprotein synthesis can be achieved by adding enzymes into a reaction vessel to promoting synthetic rate. The two methods provided by Creative Biolabs are suitable for different customer needs, as chemical synthesis can ensure the accuracy of the required sequence, while enzymatic synthesis can produce long sequences with higher yields.

“The intention is to provide researchers with the newest, largest selection of, and highest quality of synthetic glycoprotein, with the best technical and customer services possible,” said an employee at Creative Biolabs.

Cell line glycoengineering is an essential process for the synthesis of desired glycoprotein and certain specialized glycan structures can only be produced in large quantities from cell lines that have been genetically engineered.

Creative Biolabs has been empowering researchers worldwide with pioneering glycoprotein production systems and comprehensive strategies of genetic glycoengineering to ensure therapeutic glycosylated IgGs with a higher ADCC function in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs, led by a founder with biologic expertise, provides high-quality therapeutic proteins, research tools and custom services to scientists around the world at competitive prices, assuring them of unparalleled service and support. It has qualified professionals to complete and develop the synthesis, analysis, and engineering of glycoproteins, offering a variety of services and products of excellence.

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