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The Story of Steve Bonugli and His granted Brand

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The Story of Steve Bonugli and His granted Brand

March 26
13:09 2021
The Story of Steve Bonugli and His granted Brand

Steve Bonugli is an independent artist and entrepreneur. He owns the granted music and clothing and runs the comedy podcast “Ur Kidding Me?”. To monetize his business he sells merchandise and uses his talents in portrait drawing. Being a multi-layered artist, he stands out as having a brand, rather than a one lane niche. Through his work, Steve hopes to inspire other people to follow their dreams.

As a young child, Steve had a passion for entertainment. He grew up admiring comedians such as Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and Dave Chapelle. In 8th grade he discovered a new hip hop artist, Tyler the Creator, who was skilled at branding himself. He became an instant fan and was inspired by everything he did. Around the same time his perspective on life changed when he learned of the connection all humans have to the universe through the Law of Attraction. Later he decided he wanted to become a self branded artist creating RnB/Hip Hop music, as well as actor and comedian. He started the LOAgranted brand (LOA for Law of Attraction) by using his artistic skills and selling hats and t-shirts with the printed logo. He found success with three music projects and even performed live in Boston. He has since dropped the LOA side of the brand since “Law of Attraction” is not his unique concept. He is now “granted”.

Granted is a subtle reminder that he is responsible for manifesting his own destiny. Now, one year into his comedy podcast, he is working on his next music project and posting on YouTube high speed video recordings as he draws portraits of people he admires.

Steve’s inspiration to start his business came from his love of creating music and expressing himself through comedy. First, he dove deep into self work as a conscious being. His aim was to rewire his belief system while acquiring true self love, experiencing a life change. By having the courage to step out of his comfort zone, he could evolve into the best version of himself and earn a living doing what he loves. Steve wants to spread a message of possibility in manifesting your desires, making a positive impact in peoples’ lives. He understands that financial freedom has many benefits to living the life you desire, but it isn’t everything. No amount of money will offer happiness. For him, turning your passion into a way to earn money is ultimate freedom.

Some of Steve’s biggest challenges are staying consistent and avoiding distractions and excuses. He has had to stay committed even in the face of negative outside forces. He admits it’s a challenge overcoming criticism, but he’s learned to by continuing to believe in himself. An important lesson he’s learned is that branding yourself as an artist is more about growing a fanbase than gaining clients and customers. You have to convince people to buy into what you’re selling. Steve says when you believe in yourself you can overcome anything. You’ll be willing to put in the work and achieve success. Without confidence, fear takes over and it will be difficult to take the first step to achieving your goals. A strong mindset and very thick skin are essential because you will fail along the way.

Steve wants those interested in starting a new business to know from the start that it will be difficult. It takes time, patience, and effort. Overnight success stories are extremely rare, and your journey will be full of significant ups and downs. No one can do it for you because it is your business to build. Help will come along your path, but ultimately, you manifest yourself. Steve recommends meditation and seeking knowledge from spiritual teachers to create positivity and optimism.

To Steve, fear is resistance and success is a lifestyle. F.E.A.R.=False Evidence Appearing Real. It is something we create in our minds that doesn’t actually exist. Fear is a part of the human experience, but it’s what you do with it that is crucial. Growth is facing fears head on and stepping out of your comfort zone. So, use fear to your advantage to grow and overcome it! Your lifestyle is your mindset, belief system, and way of living. It isn’t something you have to climb to achieve, the money you make, the car you drive, or where you live. It’s not just about how you serve yourself, but how you serve others in a positive way.

While continuing to work on his podcast and YouTube videos, Steve plans to create new music and singles. He has music videos in the works to bring his music brand together. You can find Steve’s comedy podcast Ur Kidding Me? on Instagram.

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